KPRINT2 - Konica Minolta Printhead Driver Board


KPRINT2 is a printhead driver board for Konica Minolta KM1024i and KM1800i printheads. It connects to AEWA Print Manager Board via optical fiber cable which makes the data transfer immune to electromagnetic interference. 


  • Optical fiber interface: 600 Mbits/sec.
  • Maximum Printing Speed, KM1024i printhead: 39KHz, 60 KHz with data packing.
  • Maximum Printing Speed, KM1800i printhead: 27KHz, 90 KHz with data packing.


  • Supports Konica Minolta KM1024i and KM1800i printheads.
  • Generates accurate printhead driving voltages which are factory programmed. User can adjust printhead voltages further for special ink types.
  • Correct voltage sequencing during power ON and power OFF.
  • Grey scale printing, 8 levels.
  • Printing waveform is generated and programmed with ApmbWave software and stored in EEPROM.
  • Can generate tickle (or shake) pulse during zero data (or no data) phase to keep nozzles alive.
  • Accurate printhead temperature control, over temperature protection.
  • Firmware update over optical fiber interface.
  • Single 24V input voltage with reverse polarity, over voltage, over current and surge current protection.
  • SHA-1 Encryption for firmware copy protection.
  • Small footprint, 90mm x 85mm.
  • Easy software integration with APMB SDK which supports native C++ and .NET programming languages such as C# or Visual Basic.
  • Compatible with APRINT software.

KPRINT2 Hardware User Guide (EN)